To better understand every documentable element and of your property's structural-realization, our professionals implementing a path that goes from some essential checks, to examine the building in its particular features and its documents.
Summary will be carried out the following checks:

1. Documentable check

  • Provenance's act and transcription's note.
  • Mutual's act and mortgage's transcription's note.
  • Inspection mortgage
  • Property constraint's acts or other.
  • Cadastral documentation.
  • Building concessions.
  • Fitness for habitation or habitability.
  • Systems' certification.
  • Energy certification.
  • Contracts.
  • Regulations for the property's use, of condominium and payments' certification.
  • Town planning checks and correspondence's certifications.

2.Check on your property.

  • Location and accessibility.
  • Construction's structures.
  • Construction's systems.
  • Deterioration's elements.
  • Building elements.
  • Pertinences.
  • Real-estate bonds and\or legals.

3.Exploitation and contract's proposal.

Once available all the informations relating to the property, we work alongside the client to the definition in the contract of essential elements such as the real selling price and the definition of the ideal marketing; agreeding in written form as consulting contract or other paper form.
Distinctive elements of the promotion's contract and marketing are indicated and essentials.
• Advice and care orientated only to the client. • Reaching of the value by terms of time and services. • Definition of improvement measures or recovery on your property with times and certain costs. • Definition of personalized marketing's activities. • Evaluation of the response to the advertising activities. • Assistance to the evaluation and selection with you of potential clients. • Evaluation of all services. • Assistance to the following steps for the sale in the mentioned forms.

4. Proposals and necessary interventions

If deemed necessary, will be set partial or total redevelopment building's proposals, with the intervention of professionals in integrated form.

Elements to improve the building into its components, or to optimize the energy yields and the consequent savings, up to the search of the best financial transactions to the best interest rates.

Just as an indication are provided and are means:

  • Partial or total requalification's interventions.
  • Restorations of building components.
  • Interventions of energy efficiency.
  • Domotics and plant of last generation.
  • Arrangement of private green with diagnosis and care on crops.
  • Suitable's safety systems.
  • Installations and elements for easy access.
  • Reclamation from asbestos.

5.Sale price's definition before and after enhancement.

Enhancement and marketing for your property starts from the analysis and evaluation. As realestate's professionals sector we have a thorough knowledge of the market and are our professionals to determine the potential of your property.

Our ILS consultant will follow you personally in accurate and personalized evaluation on your property. The evaluation toward the most real selling price isn't the only important factor, but also count the variables to be considered; our market experience allows us to offer you the correct evaluation and improvement's hypothesis with the consequent reliable results in terms of value increase.

6.Promotion and marketing. Exclusive contract for marketing on the objectives.

Marketing's strategy dedicated to your property.

In order to highlight the uniqueness of your property, will be create a series of customized marketing's activity, with our proposals ( Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum).

In the first place we'll propose your property with discretion to our selected list of potential buyers. ILS, by your consent, implement the marketing strategy defined with you.

In the first phase the marketing's measures focus on clients in the immediate nearness with the most effective communication's means at local and national level. Local and national marketing's measures as the sale's announcement and advertisements on printing, and direct marketing activities such as advertising campaigns; moreover the presentation on the ILS' website and organized visit's events specially thought and realized for your property.

ILS offers you access to international clients and to a network to sell your property.

Nationally and internationally marketing's measures; web access through our site; advertisement on print and on our architecture's company's magazine and lifestyle in pure Italian style of the next setting.

7.Dedicated assistance of our professionals in interventions and promotion.

Every promotion's action is periodically evaluated and communicated to our client, with a constant feed-back on the ongoing actions and the corresponding confirmation for the sale. On contract's definition our consultants work alongside of client in the sale's negotiation with the new purchaser or professionals\agents from it in charge.