The property is a good that is part of our life.

Who it's a question of residence or of our activity or investment, it represents us in its value and in own style reflecting our.

Designed, constructed and inserted in a context of value, all his features make it elements of excellence and exclusivity.

Our mission is to offer advices for the enhancement, with the complete satisfaction of our client with the important certainty that the value of the asset in an italian style for who buy .  For this reason, MANY PROPERTY ARE NOT PUBLISHED on our portal for reasons of privacy of our customers.


Competent professionals with experience, reliable and credible partners, are the reasons for relying on ILS.Property's owners, investors, developers, work with us for the client, offering the best solutions of purchase, sale and use of exclusive services.

Portfolio's properties goes from dwellings homes, residential investment, building plots, existing complexes and properties in restructuring.


ILS offers a strategic support by relation to the marketing's investment properties and complex portfolios. Our consultants have deep knowledge of local markets and give priority to the current period and that future for to set investments. Moreover our structure allows you to recognize private and institutional investors. Also we support the potential buyers with flexibility and transparency in all decisions, aimed at the achievement of targets joined.


ILS's professionals doing advice to the investors, project's developers and lessees about new opportunities on logistics's complex, production or wholesale. ILS also offers support for the lease or purchase's contracts of properties developed or in the development phase. The knowledge of the local and national market represents our point of strength for the optimization of your strategic decisions on commercial properties.


Experience and training in the receptive sector are the point of strength's our consultants for national and international investors and the operators of the sector. ILS offers analysis, knowledge and specific skills in the sector to value all the profitability's elements and to formulate exclusive and valuable solutions.

Immobili di pregio

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Sale / Commercial

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